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Walnut Acres Makes Healthy Eating Squeezably Fun With First Organic Fruit Snacks in a Tube for Kids
Aug 22, 2002

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (August 22, 2002) – In time for back-to-school, Walnut Acres – America’s original organic food company – announced today it is introducing the newest addition to its certified organic family: Walnut Acres Certified Organic Fruit Squeezies, apple sauce to go in a convenient tube. Available in two kid-tested, tasty varieties, Berry Wild and Wild Apple, the Fruit Squeezies contain pureed certified organic apples, organic grape juice concentrate, natural flavors and added Vitamin C. The certified organic snacks do not contain any synthetic pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Walnut Acres Certified Organic Fruit Squeezies are convenient squeezable tubes of apple sauce that do not need to be refrigerated and are mess-free. Parents like the delicious snacks made with organic fruit in part because they do not have to worry about foil tops tearing or leaking into purses, diaper bags or backpacks. Kids like the Fruit Squeezies because they taste great, they can eat them with one hand and the graphics of skateboarding fruit characters on the tubes and carton are cool. Frozen, refrigerated or right from the box, Walnut Acres Fruit Squeezies are a healthy alternative to sugary, fat-filled, high calorie kids’ snacks and help children fulfill the “Five A Day“ recommendation for fruit and vegetable servings. Each two-ounce tube contains 50% of the RDA for Vitamin C and only 35 calories. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant and is key to the formation of collagen, a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also helps maintain capillaries, bones, and teeth and aids in the absorption of iron, making it an essential nutrient, especially for kids during their formative growth years.

According to a recent report published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), kids can get almost one-half of their daily calories from snacks. Researchers believe that unhealthy snacking is a significant cause of rising obesity rates among children. “The ADA recommends that nutritious, low-fat snacks can have a significant impact on kids health,” said Mark S. Rodriguez, CEO of Acirca, Inc, the maker of Walnut Acres certified organic foods & beverages. “Our new Fruit Squeezies are not only high in vitamin C and fat free but are also certified organic and not made with any man-made chemicals and preservatives. We know moms feel good about giving these to their children and kids like the taste and the cool packaging.”

Beginning in September 2002, Walnut Acres Certified Organic Fruit Squeezies will be available in conventional supermarkets, natural supermarkets and independent health food stores for the suggested retail price of $2.99. Each box contains 8 individual Fruit Squeezie tubes.

“Walnut Acres is committed to making only the best certified organic foods & beverages that are delicious and convenient and help our customers to Live PureÔ,” said Mark Koide, vice president of marketing at Acirca. “And now we can hopefully contribute to kids’ improved dietary health with fun and healthful products like certified organic Fruit Squeezies.”

Like other Walnut Acres products, including ready-to-serve soups, pasta sauces, juices and salsas, the new Fruit Squeezies carry a call-to-action to encourage purchasers to join Walnut Acres in the fight against hunger with Share Our Strength, one of the nation’s leading anti-hunger organizations. The company will donate $500,000 over five years to the fight against hunger.

All Walnut Acres products meet or exceed the strict U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program standards of certified organic foods and beverages. Walnut Acres products never contain synthetic preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sulfites, extenders, stabilizers, MSG, artificial flavors or colorings.

Established in 1946, Walnut Acres is America’s original organic food company and is owned by New Rochelle, N.Y.-based Acirca, Inc., makers of fine certified organic foods and beverages. The name Acirca is inspired by the phrase “a circle of life” and reflects the company’s commitment to the development of products that help consumers obtain better health and are good for the environment. Acirca is a privately held company owned collectively by company employees and independent investors. The company strives to bring convenience in packaged certified organic foods to health conscious consumers wherever they shop.
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