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All About Organics
Jan 1, 2001

Why choose organic foods?

Increasingly, conventional foods are made from ingredients that
are genetically modified and irradiated and contain residues of
toxic synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones
and other contaminants. The effects of long-term exposure to these
chemicals are unknown, including the impact on the developing
systems of children. Additionally, conventional farming, which
relies heavily on toxic synthetic pesticides and fertilizers,
depletes the natural fertility of soil.

Certified organic foods are an alternative to conventional
foods because they are free from genetic modification, residues
of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth
hormones, as well as other contaminants. By choosing certified
foods, you are contributing to the long-term health
and well being of your family and the environment.

What does "certified organic" mean?

"Organic" refers to a method of agriculture and food
production. Organic agriculture involves regular crop rotation
to maintain natural soil health and eliminate the need for toxic
synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This optimizes the health
and productivity of soil life, plants, animals and people, all
of which are interdependent.

Certified organic foods are minimally processed to maintain
the integrity and good taste of the food without artificial ingredients,
preservatives or irradiation. Organic agriculture is not only
good for the environment - it produces the highest-quality, best-tasting

"Organic" is also a labeling term that denotes products
produced in accordance with national certification standards established
in December 2000 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. For additional
information on the USDA's National Organic Program, please visit
the Web site: www.ams.usda.gov/nop

Understanding labels of organic

Based on standards developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
products can be labeled "Organic" on the primary label
panel if they contain at least 95 percent organic content. These
are the only products that are authorized to carry the USDA seal.

Products with 70 percent to 94 percent organic ingredients can
be labeled "Made with Organic Ingredients."If a product
contains less than 70 percent organic content, the term "organic"
may only appear on the ingredient information panel.

All Walnut Acres products carry the USDA seal and are certified
because they contain 95 percent or more certified

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Yes. However, to focus on producing only certified organic foods and beverages and to make them more widely available, the...

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