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New Walnut Acres' Certified Organic Soups Add Spice To Soup Category
Jan 12, 2001

Walnut Acres, America's original organic
brand since 1946, will launch an innovative selection of premium,
chef-inspired certified organic soups this month at natural
stores, chain supermarkets and independent health food stores
nationwide. Arriving as the country's interest in organic foods
is rapidly gaining momentum, the pure flavor, convenient packaging
and healthful recipes of the new line of eight ready-to-serve
soups promise to further ignite the organic category.

"Organic foods are more popular than ever because of consumers'
concerns about pesticides, additives, the environment and the
quality of food overall," notes Mark Koide, vice president
of marketing at Walnut Acres. "Our new soups are the first
in a series of convenient, savory and certified organic
Walnut Acres products which offer gourmet quality in organic fare."

Delicious and distinctive Walnut Acres soups feature savory, creative
recipes - "flavor classics with a twist" - which will
raise the bar on great taste for organic products, according to
Koide. New, state-of-the-art production techniques and less sodium
than commercial brands enhance the pure, fresh flavors and textures
of the organic ingredients, allowing Walnut Acres' signature "big
flavor note" to shine through. Koide also believes consumers
will love the unique packaging: reusable glass carafes.

The soups are available in eight mouth-watering flavors:

  • Autumn Harvest - A perfect union
    of pumpkin squash and potato, enriched with cream, onions,
    apple juice concentrate, nonfat milk and seasonings.

  • Classic Minestrone - A robust vegetable
    and pasta medley with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onions,
    celery, peas and kidney beans in a seasoned base of tomato
    and garlic puree.

  • Country Corn Chowder - Sweet corn
    in a classic chowder base of chunky potatoes, onions, cream,
    nonfat milk and seasonings.

  • Four Bean Chili - A hearty blend
    of kidney, black, pinto and navy beans, with a dash of cilantro
    and a bit of fire from chili powder, in a base of tomatoes,
    tomato paste, onions and corn.

  • Ginger Carrot - Rich, creamy carrot
    puree blended with ginger, onions, cream, wild and brown rice,
    and seasonings.

  • Homestyle Broccoli - Cream of broccoli
    blended with a whisper of dill, onions, cream, nonfat milk,
    and seasonings.

  • Savory Tomato - Cream-enriched tomato
    puree, accented with wild rice, a hint of basil, brown rice
    and seasonings.

  • Zesty Tomato - Garden-ripe tomatoes
    and rich tomato paste accented by fire-roasted garlic, onions,
    roasted garlic puree and seasonings.

The soups, packaged in an attractive, 15
oz. glass carafes offer time-starved consumers ready-to-serve
convenience. Reusable for storing sauces and other kitchen goods
- from dry beans and grains to salad dressings and gravies - the
carafe offers comfortable handling and easy pouring, and its recyclable
glass is an environmental benefit. Suggested retail price for
the soups is $2.99.

Anticipating great success for the two-serving jars, Walnut Acres
hopes to bring four-serving family-size jars to the marketplace
later in 2001. Walnut Acres also intends to introduce seasonal
harvest flavors throughout the year and chilled soups for the
summer season.

Walnut Acres organic soups will be available in early 2001 in
natural supermarkets such as Whole Foods, FreshFields and Wild
Oats; premium supermarkets including Albertson's, D'Agastino's,
Kroger, Ralph's, Shoprite and Ukrops; and independent health food

Walnut Acres products never contain synthetic preservatives, artificial
sweeteners, sulfites, extenders, stabilizers, MSG, artificial
flavors or colorings. The company goes to great lengths to ensure
that products are grown without pesticides and are never fumigated,
irradiated, bleached or bromated.

State-of-the-industry quality controls ensure that Walnut Acres
production standards meet those set forth in the USDA's new National
Organic Program (NOP), legislated in December 2000, as well the
strict certification requirements of the California Organic Food
Act of 1990.

Established in 1946, Walnut Acres - America's original organic
brand - is owned by Arlington Va.-based Acirca, Inc., makers of
fine organic foods. The Acirca name derives from "A Circle
of Life," underscoring the company's commitment to organic
foods and its intent to manage products which give back to the

Media Contacts:
Beth Corwin, PT&Co. (212) 229-0500
Michael Neuwirth, Acirca (914) 380-8020

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