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The Brand Whose Time Has Come: Walnut Acres
Jan 12, 2001

More than a half-century ago, when "organic
farming" was a foreign phrase to all but a handful of Americans,
the Walnut Acres brand was born. Based on the belief that each
generation has a sacred duty to pass on the heritage of healthy,
fertile soil, Walnut Acres toiled quietly and, over the years,
developed a dedicated and enthusiastic following.

Today, Walnut Acres - America's original organic brand since 1946
- is in the exciting position of being in the right place at the
right time. Concerned about pesticides, antibiotics and pollutants,
and disappointed by the poor taste and compromised quality of
fresh fruits and vegetables, Americans are looking to organics
to benefit themselves, their families and the environment. In
addition, the environmental soundness of organic farming makes
increasing sense to Americans. This new awareness and accompanying
buying power has begun to propel a food revolution that promises
to define the early millennium.

This month, Walnut Acres' parent, Acirca, Inc., re-launches the
pioneering brand with a new line of certified organic soups that
will bring great taste, convenience, and healthful "flavor
classics with a twist" to today's consumer.

Over the next year, additional soup varieties and flavors will
follow, as will a wide range of other full-flavored, convenience-oriented
products. The brand's broad vision will ultimately take Walnut
Acres to the top of the charts in organics.

"Walnut Acres has been and always will be committed to organics
and supporting a healthy, sustainable environment," notes
Mark Rodriguez, CEO of Acirca, Inc. "Organics are pollution-free
and chemical-free, support the family farm system and play a valuable
role in American life by providing small farms with an economically
and environmentally healthy alternative."

In three years, predicts Rodriguez, organics will be borderline
mainstream, with as much as 70 percent of organic products sold
at traditional supermarkets (vs. less than 50 percent in 2000).
An important factor nurturing that growth is the USDA's newly-created
National Organic Program (NOP) that defines uniform standards
for qualification and guidelines for the labeling of organic foods.

Walnut Acres organic products conform to both the government-defined
standards of the new NOP as well as the rigorous standards of
the California Organic Food Act of 1990. Walnut Acres food products
are always certified organic, grown without pesticides and never
contain synthetic preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sulfites,
extenders, stabilizers, MSG, artificial flavors or colorings.
The company goes to great lengths to ensure that products are
never fumigated, irradiated, bleached or bromated. Walnut Acres
will continue to adhere to these strict standards, which are reflected
in the National Organic Program.

"A national standard can now give consumers a clear definition
for organic products," says Rodriguez. "From our research,
it is clear there is a lot of confusion and, therefore, skepticism
around organic food. As America's original organic brand, Walnut
Acres has an important role to play in educating consumers and
driving that growth by raising the quality of foods being offered."

Established in 1946, Walnut Acres is a brand of Arlington Va.-based
Acirca, Inc., makers of fine organic foods. The Acirca name derives
from "A Circle of Life," underscoring the company's
commitment to organic foods and its intent to manage products
which give back to the environment.

Media Contacts:
Beth Corwin, PT&Co. (212) 229-0500
Michael Neuwirth, Acirca (914) 380-8020

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