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Walnut Acres Introduces New Certified Organic Pasta Sauces
Apr 9, 2002

Walnut Acres, America's original organic
food company, announced today it will add a collection of delicious,
certified organic pasta sauces to the rapidly expanding
Walnut Acres family of certified organic foods and beverages.
The collection of nine "flavors with a twist" combine certified
ingredients with zesty spices to create delicious
and ready-to-serve tomato-based pasta sauces.

"The new Walnut Acres certified organic pasta sauces offer
delicious homemade taste with the convenience found in all Walnut
Acres certified organic foods and beverages," said Mark
Koide, vice president of marketing at Walnut Acres.

Americans are looking for ways to live more healthful lives and
are increasingly turning to certified organic foods and
beverages as a part of their diets. Organic food - food produced
without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and processed
without synthetic ingredients - is the fastest growing specialty
foods category in the United States. The growing popularity and
increased availability of high quality certified organic
prepared foods has caused the organic food and beverage market
to grow on an annual average growth rate of 24% throughout the
last decade. Sales of organic pasta sauce have grown over 20%.
Experts are predicting exponential growth over the next five years,
estimating that retail sales of organic food will grow from $8
billion in 2000 to $20 billion in 2005.

The new varieties of Walnut Acres certified organic pasta
sauces are:
Marinara with Herbs
- a sprinkle of organic herbs complement the rich taste of a traditional
marinara featuring certified organic tomatoes;

  • Marinara Zinfandel - a unique combination
    of marinara sauce made from organic ingredients with a burst
    of Zinfandel flavor;

  • Tomato Basil - sweet organic basil
    leaves blend with red-ripe organic tomatoes in this light
    and zippy sauce;

  • Sweet Pepper Onion - like homemade
    with garden fresh organic sweet peppers and diced onion;

  • Zesty Tomato Basil - a lively sauce
    of organic basil and organic tomatoes simmered with organic
    garlic and other spices;

  • Garlic Garlic - for the true garlic
    lover: a rich organic tomato base with clove after clove of
    organic garlic;

  • Low Salt Tomato Basil - a savory
    organic tomato sauce, perfect for those who want to give up
    some salt but are not willing to give up taste;

  • Roasted Garlic - sweet roasted organic
    garlic melts into the organic tomatoes to create the perfect
    complement to any pasta;

  • Tomato Mushroom - the earthy flavor
    of organic mushrooms combines with the tang of delicious organic

Walnut Acres certified organic pasta
sauces are available for purchase in conventional supermarkets,
natural supermarkets and independent health food stores nationwide
and are available in recyclable and reusable, easy-pouring 25.5oz
glass carafes. Average retail price is approximately $3.69.

Like other Walnut Acres products, the new pasta sauces carry a
call-to-action to encourage purchasers to join Walnut Acres in
the fight against hunger with Share Our Strength, one of the nation's
leading anti-hunger, anti-poverty organizations. The company will
donate more than $500,000 over 5 years to the fight against hunger.

All Walnut Acres products meet or exceed the strict U. S. Department
of Agriculture's National Organic Program standards for certified
foods and beverages. Walnut Acres products never contain
synthetic preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sulfites, extenders,
stabilizers, MSG, artificial flavors or colorings.

Established in 1946, Walnut Acres is America's original organic
food company and is owned by New Rochelle, N.Y.-based Acirca,
Inc., makers of fine certified organic foods and beverages.
The name Acirca is inspired by the phrase "a circle of life" and
reflects the company's commitment to the development of products
that help consumers obtain better health and are good for the
environment. Acirca is a privately held company owned collectively
by company employees and independent investors. The company strives
to bring convenience in packaged certified organic foods
to health-conscious consumers wherever they shop.

Media Contact:

Michael Neuwirth, Acirca (914) 380-8020

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